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The Story Of The Glory By Rev. (Amb.) Theodore Effiong

Rev. (Amb.) Theodore Effiong

Here God took Ezekiel into the spirit realm and showed him the wicked act of the Israelites. God said, His glory will not abide there. In chapter 9:3, the glory of God began to leave the temple. In chapter 10:18-19, the glory departed from the temple because the people brought abominable things into the house of God. The glory left to the east gate. There God showed Ezekiel a cabal of 25 men who devised mischief in Israel. In Chapter 11:22 – 23, the glory of God completely left the temple to the city and then off to the mountain. 

TEXT:  EZEKIEL 8:4-6, 9:3, 10:18-19, 11:1-2

When the glory leaves the temple, it leaves the city. The Babylonians invaded Israel when the glory departed. The women were raped, people were killed and taken captive. The glory of God leaves a man silently, it does not make noise. Things will still be ceremonially done, but there will be no glory. Devastation enters the house when the glory is gone. The demons and devil cannot stand the glory, but the devil can romance in anointing, he was an anointed cherub and swum in iniquity. Occult men take over a church, dead and burial becomes the order of the day in church when the glory leaves.
In 1 Samuel chapter 4, three thousand four hundred (3400) army of Israel was slaughtered the day the ark (glory) departed. The entire priestly family died on the same day (Eli and his sons). When the glory departs, the emphasis on the cross departs from the church and only the issues of money are discussed.
Ichabod entered the church when the priest was sleeping with the daughters of Israel, they were eating the sacrifice that belong to God (God’s portion is God’s Glory). 
What we see in 1 Samuel 4 and Ezekiel 8:4-6 is happening in our churches today. But, it never ended like that. Everywhere the ark entered, men suffered it. Until the glory (The Ark) was returned to Israel.
King Saul was never interested in the glory (the Ark), but King David when he ascended the throne brought back the ark of God. May you be the David of our time.
Some men of God cannot sleep without immorality, some swim in politics because the glory of God has left the church.
In Ezekiel 36:25 – 26, Ezekiel saw God sprinkling Israel with water and promised to give them a new heart. He saw purging, cleansing and sanitization going on in the house of God. When the glory will return, judgment will begin with the church.
The seraphim will come before the cherubim – the seraphim are the firing ones, to burn away iniquity. The seraphs are coming, the cherubs are also coming and then the king will also come.
In Isaiah 40:3-5 God gave instruction through his servant that a straight road is prepared in the wilderness, crooked paths are made straight before the glory of the Lord is revealed. God will bring straightness to the crooked ones.
The glory returned by the east gate in Ezekiel 43:4, in Ezekiel 44:4 the glory returned in fullness to the temple.
The book of Ezekiel is a prophecy of what is happening in our days. The purging and return of the glory.
There is a difference between the church and the bride of Christ. The church is political, corrupt etc. the church cannot be raptured, only the bride will be raptured.
If you must stand in God’s glory, you must allow the purging to take place in your life. The purging will prepare for the coming glory. I can see the glory coming down but you need to allow God to purge you.

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