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Paint The Future You Desire: United Nations Advices Children

Creative work of Atume Elisha

The United Nations in a bid to Celebrate the 2020 Childrens day in more colorful way gave the children an opportunity to reimagine the kind of World they'll love to live in. Thi was due to the effect of the COVID-19 crises on the Rights of a child.

The second day events of the International Children's Day celebration kicked off at about 10a.m, it featured recognition of schools and pupils, question and answer session, a brief word of encouragement from a kid artist who shared his journey in the artistry field thus far and also advised the kids to see everything as being possible. Thereafter, the children were engaged in a painting exercise.

The painting lasted for one hour thirty minutes after which the judges went from desk to desk inspecting the beautiful paints while the children explained what their paints represents.

The judges were Mrs. Temitope Duker (Executive Director, FAD FM), Mr Victor Atuchukwu (Child Protection Specialist, UNICEF Enugu) amongst others.

At the end of the event, every child was declared Winner.


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