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From Emptiness To Fullness; Your Blessings Won’t Be Limited - Rev. John Ololo

Your blessings won’t be limited. God’s blessings differ from person to person so basically the instructions that were given to one person might not be the same as the next person.

Text: Luke 5:1-7, John 21:1-11

In Luke 5, Peter was not yet called by Jesus, Jesus was just preaching. So peter was fishing trying hard to get fish but there was no fish, they toiled all day but got nothing at all because they had not yet had an encounter with Jesus. But when Jesus came he told them to launch out into the deep and they told Jesus that they knew everything about the sea and how to catch fish but Peter still followed the instructions of Jesus and cast the net and had a great catch, he even had to beckon on other fishermen to come and help him. The blessings of God are always in abundance, it’s always plenty, if we follow the instructions he has given we’ll see that it is so.

In John 21, After Jesus died the disciples went back to their fishing businesses cause they felt all was lost and it was all finished, they had no master or leader anymore so they gave up. They fished and fished but caught no fish, again Jesus told them to cast their nets by their right hand side and when they did they had a great catch.

Jesus knows when we are struggling, he knows when we’re passing through stress and sometimes he speaks to us but we don’t hear,  but he is still always interested in us he ignore our ignorance and goes ahead to bless us cause he is such a merciful God. He has our best interest at heart; he doesn’t want us to pass through stress just that we can’t see the blessings that are right in front of us.

If you’re reading this, God loves you and your blessings will be released to you as soon as possible just hold on and also watch out for the blessings.









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