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The Lost Valentine: No Valentine On Valentine Day

 Written By Oluchi Omai

Joan sat aloof, lost in thought as she pondered over her long lasting and headless eight year relationship with Patrick. 

They both fell in love with each other during their secondary school days and have since then been together. Joan is know by all Patrick's friends, family members and colleagues.

But, one thing stole the joy of this year's Valentine from Joan; could it be that Patrick is not ready to get married yet or is he waiting for something? This and many more clouded her mind as she saw teenagers and other single boys and girls roaming the street in red and white all looking like a newly blossomed flower. 

She remembered she once enjoyed it like they now do. She enjoyed being taken out. And recalls that she is only being taken in when Patrick desires a satisfaction of his down chambers and nothing more. At the moment, she needed something more than being taken out, or only taken in for an illegal or what she called an undue benevolence, she desired to be married.

Unfortunately, Patrick keeps telling Joan he is not ready for marriage and so, even if Joan's parents see's him around he has not made his intentions known and despite Joan's efforts, he kept saying there is still time.

Joan's curiosity received enlightenment on Valentine's day as she sat lost in thought, and dressed in her beautiful red gown with a white flowering design waiting for Patrick, who in his usual way had asked her to get set for a hangout. 

While thoughts of her love life and the Valentine gift she really desired (marriage) clouded her mind, Ann's call brought her back to consciousness "where are you? Patrick is getting married" she said. This sounded like an uranium bomb explosion, Joan couldn't contend it. She tried calling Patrick but his lines were not connecting neither was that of his close pals connecting. Soon, Facebook updates confirmed to her that Patrick was tying the knot with Elsey, the girl he always called his cousin. 

Uncontrollable tears mixed with fury rolled down Joan's chicks as she stirred at the pictures in her phone. Her beautiful dress soaked in tears, her eight years wasted, and more over her Valentine lost. 

She has met suitors of different caliber but her love for Patrick was beyond measure so, she turned others down and got stocked to Patrick.

She was blinded by love, now she understands why Patrick never spoke anything serious about marriage with her, but enjoyed the privileges of marriage she served him for eight years.

For her, it is a lost Valentine. But, no one can tell what lies in her heart.

If you were in Joan's shoes, what will you do?


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