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You Will Not Be Put To Shame - Rev Nsikak Efrenie


The church today has been overtaken by the pursuit of earthly things, and the kingdom of darkness is happy because they feel they are prevailing against the church. What the church should be after especially this time is to make sure that every man’s heart is right with God. 

Many Christians these days have become familiar with God , they feel they already know everything about Christianity. So, most of them behave in worse ways than the unbelievers who have not given their lives to Jesus Christ yet. 

TEXT: 2 Samuel 21 vs15

Every believer is a warrior that is constantly fighting. Winning one battle doesn’t mean the war is over. Even God said in his word that “let he who thinks he stands take heed lest he fall”. A backslider is more dangerous than a criminal that has not yet met God, because he feels that he has known everything about God. It is the love of God that brought Jesus down to die for humanity. 

Three things happened to David in the battle field, 

1. He went down  

2. He used an old sword-Ishbibenob had a fresh sword for the battle, but David used an old sword.

3. David fainted in battle. 

David killed Goliath in his youthful days, but in the scripture where we read, he was in another battle with the Philistine, but scripture say that he went down. This implies that his strength failed him in the heat of the battle and Ishbibenob which was described as one of the sons of the giants and was girded with a new sword thought of killing David. 

David fainted and thought all hope was lost, but, Abishai the son of Zeruiah was used by God to smite and kill the Philistine.  Just like David in the scripture, God always preserves his children even when we faint, when we cry unto God in our distress he always let his love overshadow us. 

God will not allow anyone who trusts in him to be put to shame. God will not allow you to be put to shame if you trust him with all your heart.


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