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The Stone The Builders Rejected - Pastor Ubanga Edet

A stone is a solid mineral used in building as we know. But the question comes, why did the builders reject the stone? The builders, involve various people from different fields of study.  The civil engineers, electrical engineers, etc. including the people who laid the foundation of the house, they all rejected the stone.

TEXT: Psalm 118:27, 1 Peter 2:4-9, Gal 6 vs 17, Matthew 21 vs 42

People Who Rejected The Stone And Reasons

1.       The builders: The fault was not from the stone, it could have been the fault of the builders, maybe during the course of carving, they carved it wrongly and still rejected it because it wasn’t fit for the building as they thought. Likewise as humans, there might be some people around us who made us react to situations in some kind of way that makes people in some places reject us, this simply means that we weren’t responsible for our rejection, external factors led to this rejection. But, when God is involved in our situation, God will let us encounter the company of the right people that will mold us in the right format.  

2.       The second reason the stone was rejected came from the stone. At a point, the stone rejected itself, how? “Its mind” the bible says “as a man thinks in his heart so he is” this has to do with the mind. The stone might have condemned itself in its mind, which may have also led to the way it reacted and made the people around it to reject it. The problem most people face is as a result of their thoughts, rejection comes from the mind. You must learn to love and appreciate yourself whether others do same or not.

3.       The third reason the stone was rejected came from the parent rock. This has to do with foundation. The parents may have defaulted in one way or the other which affected the stone. Most times people are rejected as a result of things their parents did which they knew nothing about.

But, the word of God states that “In all this we are more than conqueror through Christ”. God is not limited by what people think about us neither is he limited by what we think about ourselves or by our negative background. He (God) said, “I will show mercy unto whom I will show mercy”.

Today, may God remove you from the place of rejection and make you the desire of nations, a chief corner stone in Jesus Name – Amen.  


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