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Stormy Rain Leaves Devastating Impacts On The City of Calabar


The city of Calabar has witnessed a devastating impact from a stormy rainfall. The rainfall which started at some minutes after 4pm on Thursday 22nd April, 2021 was accompanied by a dark cloud, heavy thunder storm and wild wind which has not been experienced in the city of Calabar for a very long time.

The rain which came unexpectedly after a hot and sunny day, had its impact felt across Calabar metropolis. The impact ranges from uprooting and breaking of trees which hampered movement of vehicles, to floods in different area.

Other devastating impacts includes the huge mast which collapsed at Calabar road by African Club thereby blocking the road and causing heavy gridlocks. Grid locks were experienced Marian road from the market and beyond the Rabana round about while Atu street, High way by stadium also had a share of the gridlock.

A taxi driver who spoke with our correspondence stated that Calabar has not experience this kind of storm before.

“This storm must be as a result of the distortion of the natural ecosystem because Calabar has not experienced such storm in a very long time” he said.

Also some residents had their roofs ripped off by the storm the rain soaked and carried away some of their properties.  

Also, in some areas such Mekenge and Fiesta Fries by Atekong drive where trees fell on transformer and electrical wires, residents fear that they will be in blackout for a period of time.

Although no records of loss of life as at press time, but properties worth millions on naira has been destroyed by the rain.

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