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Mrs. Amarachi Ajor charges women and Christians in general to return to God.

Mrs. Amarachi Ajor have charged women and Christians in general to return to God. This she said as she delivered her sermon titled "Return To God" during the Assemblies of God General Council Women's Day celebration at Assemblies of God, 91 Nelson Mandela Road Calabar on Sunday 9th May, 2021.

She further mentioned that the pathetic story of the prodigal son as read in Luke 15:11-32 is a typical example of the life of so many christians and admonished that all backslidden Christians should return to God.

See contents of sermon;

Text: Luke 15:11- 32.

From the bible passage Luke 15:11 – 32, we read a very familiar story of the prodigal son, who asked his for his own share of his father’s properties. And after he was given his own share of his father’s properties, he left and went to a far country. 

The prodigal son squandered the wealth he received from his father in riotous living until he was left with nothing. He could not also get help from all the people he squandered his wealth with.

As pathetic as this story might seem, it is the reality of some children of God. Even though God wants us to live wholly for him, most of his children always feel caged by God’s word and instructions and desire to live like the prodigal son, they desire to become like the world. The prodigal son went into the world and discovered that there was nothing in the world.

This is exactly what happens to Christians who leave the fold and go into the world, they end up discovering that there’s nothing in the world.

The first step the prodigal son took after he discovered he had sinned and that he was suffering in the world, he begged his father for forgiveness after he came back to his senses, he pleaded to be his father’s hired servant, because even the servants fed better than him.

This attitude should also be applied by Christians who sin against God. There is no secrete where God is because he sees every single thing that we do as human beings, but at the end, everyman will face the judgment of God. 

God is always willing to forgive and accept us back when we ask for forgiveness. He always ready to give us a second chance just like the father of the prodigal son adorned his son when he came back.

Our God is a loving father and not willing that anyone should perish in sin. Turn away from your sins, go back to God and he will always show you mercy and receive you.


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