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Sir Ben Ayade’s Health Revolution Hits zenith with introduction of Digital Drones for Medical Supplies to health facilities

Cross River State Partners with Zipline to Distribute Medical Supplies Statewide with Drone Delivery Service, Cross River State Will be the first to Use drones to deliver Medical Products Within the South-South Region of Nigeria


Zipline Will Help Improve Access to Health Care, Create Efficient Delivery System of more than 1,000 Facilities Statewide. Considering the over 430 hard to reach communities in Cross River state, this innovation will strength the health sector and ensure universal access to Medical supplies!

The Cross River State announces a partnership with Zipline, the world’s first and only national-scale drone delivery service, for on-demand delivery of medical supplies, including hundreds of vaccines, medications and blood products, to health facilities across the state.


Zipline plans to initially build two distribution centers to facilitate deliveries to more than 1,000 health facilities that serve millions of people across the state. These distribution centers will support the delivery of medical supplies 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Construction of the first distribution center is expected to begin immediately and completed within six months from the start date.


This partnership was made possible by the great foresight and collaboration of Governor of Cross River state H.E. Benedict Ayade, Dr. Betta Edu, Honorable Commissioner for Health, and other stakeholders, Together, Zipline and Cross River State aim to significantly improve the health delivery system of the state and increase access to health care for communities across the state, even in remote areas.  

“Healthcare is one of our top priorities, and we are committed to creating a functional system in which no one is left behind”, said H.E. Ben Ayade. “Zipline is a key, innovative part of our investment in our health systems. Their delivery service will help us to remove access barriers to health care and create a more equitable and efficient  Health system across the state.”


“The focus of this partnership is to ensure that all barriers hindering the successful delivery of medical commodities to our people is removed. This is one of the many forward-thinking interventions we are implementing to consolidate the gains we have made within the health care system”.


On her side, Dr. Edu said, “This agreement is an important milestone for us at Cross River State as we strengthen our health system with emphasis on Primary Health care to enable us achieve universal Health coverage. We anticipate that this revolutionary technology will improve access and even distribution of medical commodities to remote and hard-to-reach areas, which has only become more urgent with the COVID-19 pandemic.


“We are on a mission to transform health care systems around the world, and we’re thrilled to partner with Cross River State as they invest in innovation to improve the health of their people,” said Daniel Marfo, Senior Vice President of Africa at Zipline. “Our partnership is not just about delivering medical supplies, we will also build capacity of Locals to make drones. Zipline will also build a Battery factory in Cross River  state. We are working together to reshaped how health systems work, how to best deliver care to patients, and increase access for all people by designing a better systemS in 30 to 45 minutes on average. Zipline’s drones have flown more than 5 million autonomous miles to deliver more than 1.5 million doses of vaccines, units of blood, and critical and life-saving medications to more than a thousand health facilities serving more than 25 million people across three countries; United State, Ghana and Rwanda cross River joins the league. We can use its existing and planned distribution capacity to distribute the COVID-19 vaccines to facilities when completed.

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