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Successful Prayer Comes With Answers From God; The Prayer Of Jabez – Rev. Joshep Ajor (Ph.D)


The name Jabez means, “born in Pain” but he prayed to God and his prayers was successful because it came with answers from God. Jabez did not blab when he prayed to God.

Text: 1 Chronicles 4:9 & 10, Job 22:27

The reason for prayers, first must be a reality before it becomes a necessity. First, Jabez acknowledged his God before saying anything. Every Christian must know whom (God) we are praying to.

When Jesus prayed, he said “Our Father” he acknowledged God as his father.  When we know the reality of whom we should address, we know he is alive. 

God is not fiction, we should know and acknowledge him. If the person we are praying to knows who we are, we should acknowledge if his presence is with us.

Secondly, before we present our petitions, we must praise him first. When Jesus prayed, he praised God when he said “Hallowed be thy name.” 

It is after one has observed the first two principles that request should be presented before God. The mother of Jabez must have named him Jabez (meaning  pains) due to the pains she went through during the period of conception.

In Psalm 76:5, scripture states that we can approach God as our father and ask for what we want and make sure that we don’t have selfish reasons.

Most times our prayers are not answered because they are not in line with what God wants us to do.

Job 22:27, Job 22:26 – 30 and Psalm 21:2.

When talking to God, we have to be very specific about what we are saying. 

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