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The Final Arbiter – Rev. (Dr.) Orok Nkebem


Rev. (Dr.) Orok Nkebem - Assemblies of God Calabar District Superintendent

Purpose is superior even to your life. Time is a process and it will process you to become. 

Text: John 8:4 – 11

The adulterous woman in John 8:4 – 11 was a practical subject in the message. The woman was caught in adultery and projected to be stoned to death and the final arbiter rose to her defense.

An arbiter is a person with the sole authority in deciding a matter. After she was caught in the very act, judgment was supposed to be passed on her in accordance to their law, but the final arbiter arose and rendered the prerogative of mercy on her.

Let’s see the scenario that played out between Elizabeth the mother of John the Baptist and Mary the mother of Jesus. When the angel told Elizabeth that she shall give birth to a son named John, she as made dumb till the fulfillment of the promise because she questioned that angel. Mary the mother of Jesus was told the same thing and the arbiter went ahead to explain to her and she was not punished even though she doubted.

The arbiter can discharge one person and convict the other, it is within his powers.

David committed so many atrocities and the final arbiter still ruled in his favour. The adulterous woman was discharged and she was still expecting a stone. Whatever troubles your mind because of past iniquities, stop being afraid for the Lord has discharged you of your charges.

A man called peter was arrested by the king, but Jesus took off delivered him.  That thing that has been bothering you, have you taken it to the final arbiter?

Whose report would you belief in all you hear about your situation? If you die poor, God will hold you responsible. In the process of serving God, you should represent Him in your dressing and appearance. Let it be made known to the world that our God is rich.

Every seed has the potentials to produce large fruits. The premise upon its growth is dependent on the soil you sow, an intercessor is a solicitor, an advocate who goes to the court to solicit for the freedom of his client. 

Injunction is an order of the court restraining a party from the continuance of a particular act. Many persons are under satanic injunction not to be married or progress in business, the Lord God has come to vacate that injunction as the final Judge and that they should be a reversal of that injunction. Once the final judge reverses the injunction and brings the party to his right position and damages awarded to him for his sufferings.

When someone cannot stand your success, give him or her a chair. Whosoever does not want your success will carry your sorrow. Whosoever does not want to see your prosperity shall receive your poverty. 

The lord shall give a testimony that shall silence your enemies.

The final arbiter has stepped into the matter to rule in your favour even against your crimes. Once the final arbiter rules, it is over and freedom of the accused becomes materialized.

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