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The Sacrifice of Love (You Deserve To Be Loved) - Blessing "Zioness" Bassey

Hey!!! I know how you're feeling right now. 

I know how it seems like no one understands you. 

I know it's hurting you deep within, all the bruises, wounds and burns that nobody can see, and only you can, all the pain that gnaws at your heart, that nobody seems to care about.

You're ready to take all the pain in this world, just to see him or her smile at you, though you still doubt if he or she even wants you,

And though your heart still aches at the mere mention of his or her name, you hold back all the tears that your heart is filled with. And everything makes you wonder if he or she ever loved you..

It makes you wonder if you're thinking too much, or if you're the one responsible for it. And at times he or she also makes you doubt if you're worthy of love.

That is the time, sweetheart, when you need to realize that you don't need him or her to tell you whether or not you deserve to be loved,

You don't need a man or woman to give you the love that you deserve, you don't need a maan or woman to tell you how beautiful or handsome you are, and you don't have to rely on a man or a woman to know what you're worthy of, for you can do that for yourself.

But there will come a man or woman, man/woman enough to love you with all that you are, with all that you will be, can be, with all that you have, and with all that you don't, a man or woman who'll look at your heart, and not just your face, and who'll look at your beautiful and handsome eyes and will fall in love with them at once, who'll look at you like no one else ever has, who'll discover that ocean of love that you had always kept buried deep inside that dark side of yours, that the world was always too afraid to look at.

I know, it's difficult to let go, with all the memories of him/her that hold captive of you, his is her fragrance in the air that takes your breath away, with all the reasons you think that he or she ll has given you to still love him/her, and all the pain that still pulls at your heart, and I know, how you still think it's love.

But darling, did he or she ever make you feel loved? Not the love you read in those fables, or the love the was recited to you, or the love that you saw in movies, or the one that you were always told about. 

Not the one that reminds you of fairy tales, but the one that just feels like home, the love that is your escape from this reality, that is surreal, and nothing less than a miracle.

I know you're still struggling to explain yourself that this is worth it, But my love, if only your endeavours could save this relationship, they would.

You're striving with this pain to save a man or woman who deserves much more than just this heartache, you're struggling to breathe in the air that doesn't belong to you. 

You're holding onto the love that doesn't belong to you. In an attempt to get something that is not yours, you've lost a little too much.

I know how much you're in love with him or her. How you're afraid of letting him or her go,

And I know how you're feeling you'll drown, in this pool of pain, and never come to surface again..

How you'll fall apart and never be whole again. Yes, there will be days as dark as nights, and there will sometimes be a little too much of pain, and there will be nights where the moonlight hurts your eyes,

But listen, there's nothing that cannot be healed with just the right amount of time and patience.

Take all the time you need, and all the tears that you need to shed, and all the sleepless nights you have to bear.

But don't force yourself out of love, you might never actually be able to unlove him or her, and you don't need to.

All you need to remember right now, is that no matter how hard it is for you, just love yourself enough. And I love you too.

© Blessing "ZIONESS" Bassey - Relationship Coach 

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