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You Are Not Better Than What You Consume

Every man's thought is directly proportional to the measure and kind of information they receive and assimilate.

It's very important you watch what goes Inside of you, because to a large extent, you only reproduce that which penetrates and ravages your inside.

The computer world tells us "Garbage In, Garbage out" this implies that the computer can only give out that which is already programmed or store in its memory and nothing more. likewise, every man's attitude is to a greater percentage influenced by the information they receive and assimilate.

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So, the more frequent you feed your mind with a certain kind of information or knowledge, you subliminally begin to manifest, and outwardly take the same shape of this thought-line. And, beyond your thoughts, it shapes you life too.

Guard your mental space. If there is any illegal occupant, raise the rent and kick him out of your mental apartment.

It's your exclusive right. You own the volition to do so.

(c) Elijah Besong

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