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Without A Saving Culture, You Cannot Guarantee Tomorrow. You must Save – Marcellus Ati

Marcellus Ati has said that without a saving culture no one can guarantee financial freedom tomorrow. This he said on Sunday during the business meeting of the Diamond Mind Investors in Calabar.

Marcellus Ati emphasized that businessmen and women need to be diligent for any business to thrive and stand out, siting the Bible passage in Proverbs chapter 22 verse 29, which reads; “Seest thou a man diligent in his business? he shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men.

Reiterating the need for diligence in business, Ati revealed that most persons have experienced set back in business because they lack the commitment to their business, with a cover-up of church services.

“Business is ventured into for profit but, an average church person believes that in church everything is meant to be free,” he said. Adding that young people must know the difference between business and services unto God and be committed to their business as well as they are to God.

“Every businessman that desires to succeed must shun every form of questionable character and gain trust from people around them. They will attract the right client and can receive timely assistance from people around” he added.

He also said that many church people are lacking in the area of investments adding that some of our fathers are wishing they did not neglect or misuse the opportunities they had while they were still young. “This is because many of them never imbibed a saving culture,” he said. Although they came to church prayed and were committed to church activities, they lacked the ability to save and invest.

“There is no time that you do not need money. You need money every time, but you must save. You must make it a habit” He added.

Mr. Ati further stated that anyone who does not have a saving culture today cannot guarantee tomorrow because it is what you save today that helps you tomorrow. Adding that it was on the basis of the organizations’ interest in saving and investing available resources that motivated him to be in their midst.

Ati pointed out that financial organisations can easily crumble if people are dubious and not trustworthy, urging members of Diamond Mind Investors to be straightforward and build the organization which is barely in its second year.

“What you are doing today is good. All you need is to be faithful to yourself” he said.

Reacting, the Chairman of Diamond Mind Investors, Mr Oluchi Omai appreciated Mr Marcellus Ati for not just attending the business meeting, but impacted members and motivated them to build a business mindset, promising to ensure that Diamond Mind Investors excel in all ramifications. He also said the organization would love to host him in subsequent business meetings.

Other executive members in attendance were the Vice-Chairman, Mrs Rosemary Ibanga, the Secretary, Mr Uchenna Ogba, the Treasurer, Mr Uchenna Uka, the Public Relations Officer, Mr KingDavid Etim and the Welfare Chairman, Mr Ebenezer Anosike.

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