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Five Ways To Impact Your World No Matter Your Financial Or Social Status


By Grace Oji

Sometimes when the things you're working on like a personal project, a business, trying to get into a school or organization etc fails, you might want to reconsider before diving into thinking you have nothing to offer to the world. 

We have been created with the power to cause things to happen even without being high up there in positions of authority or having massive wealth at our command. Remember the parable of the talents from the Bible where each man had a different amount given to him and they were all expected to return a profit to the master. The man with the least amount must have reasoned that he's was too small to make a difference, therefore he buried it.

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Let's look at a picture, a poor woman finds a homeless boy hungry and thirsty, the woman not having so much offers him a cup of water with a slice of bread and he eats and receives strength. Obviously, he needs more than that but with the little, she is able to give he has more strength and a reason to live knowing that there are still kind people out there in the world.

More than the need you may be attending to giving out to the world can gift you with lifetime friends, great business partners, or even a wonderful spouse. 

Five Ways You Can Create An Impact

Show kindness

Giving a helping hand is an act of unselfishness and can bring you into a light where people can rely on you in desperate times. 


Prayers go beyond the reach of your senses. It doesn't require a transport fare or material wealth to have access to it. Your prayers can help the sick and those in death situations, distressing situations, and edify you within to bless others.

Giving good advice

Psalms 27:9 "Ointment and perfume rejoice the heart: so doth the sweetness of a man’s friend by hearty counsel."

Imagine the relief of getting sound advice that walks you out of a confusing situation and gives you peace of mind, a sense of direction, and clarity on a matter. It's a beautiful thing to give to a friend or an acquaintance. By building up your knowledge reservoir by studying and researching with quality proof and lessons from your own personal experience you can be a wealth of good counsel to someone in need.


Whether it's easy or not to forgive forgiveness gives a certain peace and rest within. When people notice your good disposition to someone who had hurt you in the past they find an example worth following. 

Being a good listener

Many times before the solution comes people need somewhere to find solace, somewhere to be heard and understood. In the hustle and bustle of life and activities giving attentive ears to people in the midst of troubles and even good times serves as a source of strength and encouragement to them and builds trust in you.

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