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They thought they have finished Him - Rev. John Ololo

Rev. John Ololo

Nobody has the ultimate right to kill you. Human beings do not have such powers over us especially when we are under God’s coverage. As children of God, we are covered by the supremacy of His blood. When we face trials and tribulations, God will always be on our side and at all times He will guide us through the process.

Text: Matt 27:1-5; 11-26, Luke 23 judges11:1-10 Daniel 6:1-5 

Using a scenario of a football match, players are often benched when they make mistakes and other mishaps which can be summarized by their coaches as to why such players shouldn’t play again and as a result of that, they limit and restrict the effective carriage of their given talents.

In Matt 27, it was orchestrated that Jesus should be crucified. the perpetrators had conceived within them to use that avenue as a means to end the glory, light and purpose for which He was sent for. He was still going through the path that he was supposed to take. They said; “Let His blood be upon us and our children” and that presupposes that even the innocent ones that weren’t even there or knew anything about it were going to be affected by that declaration.

People see us and don’t really know the story behind the glory and sometimes they start harboring unnecessary hatred, envy and jealousy and because God is our backup and our only source of blessings, we’re not affected by it. Sometimes our purposes and God-given assignments might be funny to human beings but God’s grace and backing is all we need to do the “impossible”

In Judges 11:1-10, we see Jephthah, born of a harlot and cast out of his father’s house for that cause, he left without giving any issues but he didn’t go and wallow in sorrow. He went and developed himself and became a better man and when his brothers were in trouble, they came together with the elders and unanimously agreed to search for him to lead the children of Israel to war after being considered as the most qualified.

In Genesis 37, Joseph was hated for his dreams, he was hated because he had a bright future and the fact that he always reminds his brethren about his Dream, their hatred for him amplified. Out of anger and jealousy, they even hatched a plan against him and aggravated it by trading him to the Ishmaelites but that was however still in line with the plan of God for his life and he was eventually taken to Egypt, he passed through other tribulations and trials but eventually became a ruler in Egypt and his brothers bowed before him just like he has stated and reiterated in his dream. 

In Daniel 6, the men plotted to put Daniel in the lion’s den and succeeded in doing so. The king was so restless because Daniel was dear to his heart even though he was tricked into signing the decree without knowing their evil plans towards Daniel and His praying life. The whole night the King couldn’t sleep because he kept thinking of Daniel. In the morning, the bible says he ran to the lion’s den and called out to Daniel. And to the glory of God, Daniel was still very much alive and well, he came out of the lion’s den and the men that plotted evil against him were thrown into the den alongside their families.

In reaction to the above characters illustrated in the Bible, many people oftentimes think 'self-respect' actually translates into being 'comfortable'. people may have a scarcity of resources but that does not necessarily mean they should use that as an excuse to run into the streets and make ridicule God's Name and it will somewhat be seen as though we are serving A God who can't provide for his children. No wonder cowardice has become a threshold and premise upon which people are elected into political offices in our 21st century Government. Brave men have become scarce because compromise has become the order of the day.

Even though it sometimes tarries longer than necessary, with trust and steadfastness, His thought towards us become realistic and well garnished to the astonishment of many. people will continually summarize your story without recourse to your antecedent. While facing trials and tribulations, let It be within your subconscious that " attacks only comes to people which bright future". For as long as you don't give up, God will continually be your shield and guide you through the fulfilment of your purpose on Earth. As they couldn't summarize Jesus, no man shall summarize you, Amen.

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