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The Lord In Your Midst. By Rev Chibuzor Christopher


Rev. Chibuzor Christopher

Many people suffer due to wrong judgement, however, from the Bible passage read in Zephaniah 3:15, God has promised to remove such judgments because He is in our midst. God promised to come down by Himself in demonstration of His might. Thus, God knows that if he sends a man, he will consider some criteria before fulfilling the assignment of which he was sent for. 

 On a further note, the bible passage assured us that when the lord is in our midst, he will take our enemies away. One thing that we do not know is that we have enemies everywhere, not even to the exclusion of the church and even amongst pastorates; but, its only within the purview and knowledge of God who is the Omnipresence. in consideration of that fact, He decided to come down by Himself to uproot such people.

  The presence of God in the midst of any gathering can be all the difference needed. God alone is all one will need to be on the right path. When God dwells in a place, he takes away their sorrows and fights every battle. It is the Lord's presence that makes you hold your peace while all your worries ae taken care of. We should yearn for God more than anything else.

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