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"World War 3 Begins, COVID Restrictions End" Twitter In Shock As Military Operations In Ukraine Receive Putin's Orders

In view of the latest situation in Russia, #worldwar3 started trending on Twitter. Twitter cannot believe President Vladimir Putin ordered military operations in Ukraine at a time when the world was struggling through Covid.

Twitter has been overtaken by memes as netizens said that the covid restrictions are coming to an end and world war 3 is starting.

Many said they did not have the heart to go from global pandemic to world war 3.

First a pandemic, now World War 3hellip;

Humanity fails over and over again.

— Rocio 💀⚰️🥀 (@softbratphomet) February 24, 2022

you mean to tell me that we’ve spent the past two years in a global pandemic and now we’re actually on the brink of world war 3 i really can’t do this anymore 😭

— jo (@EMJAYWATS0N) February 24, 2022

Trying to survive a pandemic while entering World War 3.

— Ricky Smith (@Rickonia) February 24, 2022

A pandemic and world war 3 I cannot believe ithellip;

— 𝐌𝐑𝐒.𝐂*Rs*** (@90lbs) February 24, 2022

World War 3#RussiaUkraineConflict #worldwar3 #WWIII #Wars

— Hasan Wardul Hoque (@HoqueWardul) February 24, 2022

ME IN THE WORLD WAR 3 #WWIII #worldwar3 #RussiaUkraine

— Bharat Raj (@WWIIIRUSSIA) February 24, 2022


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