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At God's appointed time - Rev. Joseph Ajor (Ph.D)

Rev Joseph Ajor (Ph.D)

The scripture we read did a wholesome summary of God's goodness towards us; at the appointed time, God, through his mandate sent His son to Earth to die for our sins. in Acts 7:17, when the time was almost set to bless Abraham, Holy scriptures recorded that people multiplied and increased in their numbers. 

Text: Ephesians 1:10

Faith is very important in our walk with God and in allowing His promises to come to pass in our lives. Faith is a shield in times of war and tribulations. 

When God makes a promise to you as a Christian, don’t have the relaxed mind that the devil will leave you alone, you become the most wanted because of the purpose you are set to fulfil. 

As human beings, we tend to be frustrated when the promises of God are not forthcoming in time and this, most often than not lead us into making some harsh decisions that begin to hunt us in future. 

Fear is an antidote that helps give the devil an edge over a Christian. Overcoming fear is the first step to victory as a Christian. Abraham's story can be used as a typical example of the fact that God keeps to his promise and He does it at His appointed time. 

Many times we worry ourselves about some things that are not necessary and we even aggravate our pains into crying and praying against the Will of God, unconsciously. One thing we should come to understand is that we cannot change the Will of God and thus, we should instead pray to walk in the Will, continue to have faith and believe in the blessings that He has promised us. 

Some of the promises might tarry and it may be for the next generation. It doesn’t matter how long the promises may delay, all we need to do is to be rest assured and patient, knowing too well that the God that has promised us is still ever ready to fulfil the promise. 

The desire for the growth of our Faith and allowing all the glory to be ascribed unto Him is some of the reasons why He delays some of our blessings. In whatsoever situation you find yourself in, always remember that God is your shield and your rewards are exceedingly great. 

God is the controller of time and He cant give you blessings you cannot handle. He holds our blessings sometimes because we are not ready. Trust in the Lord with all your heart knowing that we have a shield and a great rewarder in all times and seasons. 

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