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Beautiful Benefits Of Forgiveness


By Grace Oji

I know how it feels to be hurt and betrayed, I know forgiveness is not always a welcome decision for many people when it comes to dealing with pain. Forgiveness is in many cases, not an easy choice yet we can't simply throw it out the window without consequences. As presumably difficult as it may seem it isn't an impossibility. 

Forgiveness is letting go of resentment and punishment against someone who has offended you. It is necessary to forgive even when a sincere apology has not been rendered. You must have come across people with cold dispositions to the act of forgiving because they believe it's a favour to the one who committed the offence and Mark of approval of their deeds. But a closer look would reveal that the act of forgiving blesses the giver more and allows for a healthy and clear judgment. These are some of the gifts that come with letting go of resentment. 

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In the freshness of a betrayal or an offense the next thought is usually about how to handle it and put ourselves back together, this is the healing process. Forgiveness helps to heal. It relieves the heart of the heaviness that comes from resentment. 

Peace of mind 

Imagine having someone influence your decisions because you are bitter against them. Like if you have to change your seat because someone you don't like is sitting nearby or refusing a potential friendship with someone who happens to be a friend of 


the object of your grudge. Such living limits your overall growth and forward movement in life as it is a hindrance to your good opportunities. Forgiveness brings peace and calms that no matter what is around you, you are at rest. 

Better health 

Forgiveness helps in achieving good and sound health. As it involves the heart. It releases a great burden of bearing a grudge. Which stands to reduce the chances of heart related diseases like high blood pressure. Also mentally it is a catalyst for less anxiety and less stress from traumatic experiences. 

We are not held back 

Refusing to forgive ties you down in the past making you unable to step forward and think progressively. Like when someone holds on to resentment that pushes him to seek out ways to take revenge. so instead of looking for ways to heal and get his life back together and make improvements every day he is stuck on paying back. 

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Better relationships 

As we learn to let go we prepare for healthier relationships with others as unforgiveness works to break down any strength that will keep a bond going. It also serves as a warning and a good example to others who may harbour intentions of hurting you that you are strong enough to overcome. 

Forgiveness is a divine gift from God to mankind and He has also 

given us the command to forgive others of their offences towards us. It's a beautiful thing and necessary to living a fulfilled life. 

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