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Four Types Of Confused Men In This World

Photo of a confused man

1. A man who after impregnating a lady, he denies being the owner of the pregnancy. Later, After the lady has struggled alone and now the child is a bit older, he now wants to be involved with the child. If the child was not yours while still in the womb, why is it suddenly yours now?

2. A man who doesn't wants to raise another man's Child but goes ahead and marries a woman with a child and tells her to leave the child at her parents' home, instead of simply marrying a woman without a child at all. 

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3. A man who marries a graduate with a degree or diploma only to tell her to quit her job and take care of the children. If you wanted a housewife, why not marry a grade 2 dropout instead of killing the dreams of someone who has worked so hard to reach that far?

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4. A man who is a drunkard but goes ahead to marry a church girl and make her life a living hell.

If you are a drunkard, marry your fellow drunkard and drink yourselves to madness without stressing anyone.

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