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Gay Marriage; A Twist In Divine Nature, All Involved Won't See Heaven - Oyedepo

Bishop David Oyedepo

The President of Living Faith Church, popularly known as Winners Chapel Worldwide, Bishop David Oyedepo has revealed that everyone who dares to “marry man and man” in his church will not make heaven irrespective of who they are.

This comes because of the increase in the number of gay marriages in society, and the fact that it is gradually encroaching into the church.

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Frowning at gay marriage, the cleric said men and women were created by God to replenish the earth. 

Speaking during a program at the Church’s headquarters on Monday, Oyedepo stressed that no government policy under heaven can rule over his faith.

He also noted that the scriptures condemn man marrying a man and a woman marrying a fellow woman. He also emphasised that the purpose of marriage is also to raise godly seeds on the earth. The cleric added that the gay activities are a twist to the original nature and idea of creation.

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Oyedepo further frowned at other clerics who despite their knowledge of the word of God chose to join man and man or woman and woman in marriage.

”Don’t say I believe the whole Bible. Specifically, what are the fundamental things you believe? Do you believe in the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ? Do you believe in the second coming? You believe in rapture? You believe in marriage between man and woman? not between female and female, man and man?

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"Till Jesus comes, anyone who dares to marry man and man in this church will not make heaven. No policy of any government under heaven can rule over my faith. What I believe I believe.

"It is not your policy that brought me to what I believe. People fall too cheaply to things. We are defenders of the gospel. Male and female he created them. Reason, to replenish the earth."

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