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Russia/Ukraine War: World War Three Is Only An Empty Threat

Photo of Soldier with armour

The Senior Pastor of Assemblies of God Nigeria, 91 Nelson Mandela road Calabar, Calabar South District, Rev. Joseph Ajor (Ph.D) has said that there will be no Third World War. 

Admonishing the congregation on Sunday, the Cleric stated that God is the owner of the world and oversees its activities. 

Rev Joseph Ajor (Ph.D)

He further added that Putin's threats of a third world war will be aborted if God is not behind his threat.


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Taking his Bible reading from the book of Joel chapter 2 verses 12 through 17, Rev. Ajor, however, revealed that God's desire is to have his children call upon him in their days of trouble. adding that he is a merciful God and will always listen to the cry of his children.

"God decided to teach the children of Israel that everything is dependent on Him. Most times when we carry out our activities without involving God, God may decide to allow the devil, to inflict pain on us to make us realize we cannot achieve anything successfully without Him." He said.

"If God knows the number of hair on our head, then we should know that He is the owner of everything." 


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"God does not negotiate with the devil, He carries out whatever He wants to carry out."

The cleric also admonished Christians to spend time with God because only he can solve human problems. Ajor observed that most people pretend to be Christians. But, do not show a practical example of the Christian life, God knows who serves Him in spirit and truth.

"God knows He's own so whenever we pretend lets' know that God knows us in and out." 


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Lamenting the poor involvement of Christians in politics, Ajor encouraged Christians to get their voters cards. So that they can exercise their civil responsibility. "We complain of bad governance but, we do not play our part. Most of us don't even have voters' cards, so we allow ourselves to be used as slaves in our own country."

"When we know our rights, we will not get things that are supposed to be ours as favours." He added. 

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