In Between Your Legs

By Rev Prosper Brown

Secretly and silently he was growing without their notice, he knew them more than they knew him, in fact, they rarely took notice of him. He had studied them, observed, worked, ate with them and was acquainted with their ways. daily he was inquiring, observing, strategizing, planning, waiting and gaining control through what they were giving and feeding him. 

He was surviving through the mental strength, revelation, grace and knowledge of their own (Joseph) ignorantly they never knew they were facilitating their killer, nurturing their death sentence, training their disaster, it never dawned on them that IN BETWEEN THEIR LEGS they had an opportunity to have saved a generation. At their reach, will come up the one who will make them spend their years in pain, who will make their labour without gain, make them inferior, make their women cry and their children experience more funerals than birthdays. 

What is making this ordeal excruciating and mind devastating is that the one who will cause them this untold miseries is the one who is presently surviving at their mercy. IN BETWEEN OUR LEGS, the ones who were choir Masters have now turned to occult Masters. 

IN BETWEEN OUR LEGS, the ones who drank our waters sat in our classes, ate our communion, attended our Bible schools, enjoyed our sponsorship have now become a turn in our flesh. 

Now we are regretting every young person, teenagers who passed through our legs and we did not take advantage of that opportunity.

The one day strategic leadership meeting tagged, "In Between Your Legs" organized by the Teens Solution Ministry of Assemblies of God Calabar South District is scheduled to hold on March 20th, 2022 at Assemblies of God 91 Nelson Mandela Road Calabar at 3pm and is designed to raise Godly teenagers and keep them in church.

We must close our backdoor, groom and keep godly children.

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