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Marriage Does Not Bring Blessings - Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri

By Elijah Besong

Marriage remains a very popular concept, that has been defined and viewed in different ways, the latest which happens to be the popular Nigerian Author and Lawyer. Reno Omokri. 

He debunked via his Twitter handle the popular notion that "Marriage brings blessings"  in its stead, he posited that the former comes after the latter. 

In his words:

“Our Black African mentality that ‘marriage brings blessings’ is unscriptural. It is blessings that bring marriage. God first blessed Adam with a job (Genesis 2:15), before He blessed Adam with a woman, that Adam chose to make his wife (Genesis 2:22-25).” 

This has sparked reactions but the author went further to say:

"Marriages can survive marital infidelity, but it is hard for marriages to survive long term marital poverty. Research it. Finances are the top reason for divorce. So stop saying ‘love conquers everything’. Without money, the love may just dissolve like sugar in tea”.

While many have quickly subscribed to his view, a good number still think otherwise, as the tag is "a personal sentiment" from the activist.

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