How To Make Liquid Soap, What You Need To Know

Photo of Liquid soap


Liquid soap is an everyday requirement. A product that is used in all seasons.

A lot of Nigerians have now turned to liquid soap for domestic use, hence, the production of liquid detergent becomes a fast-moving business to grab and make short and long term cash.

Follow the formula below carefully to produce 15 liters of quality and foaming multi-purpose liquid soap. 

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Chemical required for production;

  1. Natrosol 1/16kg
  2.  Caustic soda 1/32kg
  3. Soda ash 1/2kg
  4. Sulphonic acid 1/2liter
  5. Texapon 1/2kg
  6. Sls 1/5kg(200grams)
  7. . Cooking salt 250grams
  8. Perfume 40ml
  9. Colour small wrap

Follow all the steps carefully to produce high quality and thick liquid soap that foams and cleans very well.

Please Note: it is best to produce this soap at night and leave it overnight, for an excellent result. You will be wowed with the result in the morning.

The production process of non-transparent liquid soap.

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1. soak caustic soda into 1 liter of water an hour before production

2. soak soda ash in 3 liters of water an hour before production. Soak at the same time you soak caustic soda.

3. soak Sls into 2 liters of water an hour before production

After one hour

4. Dissolve Natrosol into 8 liters of water and stir very well for 15-20 mins. Add your Natrosol gradually into the water, keep stirring it, don't leave your Natrosol inside the water to do other things else it forms lumps. (Be very mindful of this and take note or you end up with lumps in your soap).

5. Add your already dissolved caustic soda into Natrosol solution and stir very well.

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6. Add your already dissolved soda ash into the solution and stir well 

7. Add your Texapon into the solution and stir

8. Add your already dissolved Sls into the solution and stir to blend well

9. Add your Sulphonic acid and stir very well for at least 15 to 20minutes

10. Dissolve your cooking salt and add it to your solution

11. Dissolve your color and ad

Lastly, add your perfume. After 6 hours, you can package it.

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