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NO LONGER A STORM IN A TEA CUP; The Damning Reality of Sen. Sandy Onor

Sen. Sandy Onor

The Gershom Bassey Media Team have seen the desperate move by the Caterpillar Movement to link any post that reveals the lapses of their principal, Sen. Sandy Onor to our revered Sen. Gershom Bassey. This desperate act is clearly an obvious indication of their inability to maintain what initially seemed like a cruise to victory before the full emergence of Sen. Gershom Bassey. While we understand the urgent need to utilise every available face redeeming tactics to salvage the worn out cosmetics that beautified Sen. Sandy Onor who has since lost his chance at the PDP ticket, we must also state categorically that, his media team should be given proper training on how to respond to public opinions rather than, in a counterintuitive manner, drag well meaning individuals into their pool of tears whenever a voice against their principal is raised by anyone who doesn't share their opinion.  They must learn to play by the moral rules because, no one has the sheer monopoly or licence to perpetuate media indecency and rudeness!

What's more intriguing is how, amongst other aspirants from the South, the Caterpillar Movement still manage to squeeze in Sen. Gershom Bassey into the picture. It is regrettably unbecoming for a campaign team of the revered Sen. Prof. Sandy Onor to deliberately consider an attempt at the truth as antithetical to their principles as a Campaign Organisation. What then do you stand for, aside desperately wishing to be Governor! Absolutely nothing! These uncouth fellows of the Caterpillar Movements Media team constantly show a kitsch, brash and unrestrained display of media thuggery and worse off, in public. Of course, we at the Dist. Sen. Gershom Bassey team aren't surprised because, a fruit doesn't fall far from its tree. they're always reveling in a reckless display of tawdry braggadocio on sane public media, simulating a typical scenario should the sluggish caterpillar find a way to Perigrino. 

A few months ago when the amphitheatre of aspirations opened, it seemed the revered Senator Sandy was cruising to victory until the same door revealed the entry of Senator Gershom Bassey who has since stolen the show. Sandy has never remained the same since then and unlike him, Sen. Gershom Bassey is on top of the situation. To Sandy, the political razzmatazz he received across the state when he embarked on his consultative visits was a sign of victory, little did he know he was nosediving to oblivion at the capable instance of The Eagle. Whenever these realities are brought to his knowledge, his media puppets would want to impress him with jaw dropping media hocus-pocus with logical crinkum-crankum. We understand this gimmick actually, and would not let them continue to mislead our dear Cross Riverians with doctored realities in a failing attempt to rebrand the bruised face of a drowning man. 

Like the Latin book Vox Populli, Vox Dei, which is translated in English as, The Voice of the People is the Voice of God, you can't assume omnipotence over the same people that made you. Sen. Sandy has constantly showed desperation in his quest to assume power. Unfortunately for him, he thought the run off to 2023 election was a mere storm in a tea cup that he could cause to cease whenever he wanted but the reality has revealed that ceasing this storm requires a Jesus quality and obviously, he's not. A former Cross River INEC Commissioner, Mr. Mike Igini, on a TV interview once said: if you steal the King's Crown, where would you wear it; if you steal the community's drum, where would you play it! This, self explains what Sandy is recklessly trying to do but like being with God, Cross Riverians are the majority!

Sen. Sandy is a politician who goofed when he had access to power as Senator and it's not too late for him to tuck his tail in between his legs and confess to his people as the Prodigal Son in the Biblical parable that he has wondered dar into the wilderness and lost his relevance and beg that he be considered for something else now that the opportunity still exists. Let him also remember what the Bible rightly says in the Holy and wise book of Proverbs 16:18, that pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall. 

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