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Altering Evil Protocol Through Prayers And Obedience

Rev. Ernest Osim

The secret of exaltation is through righteous living, it is better to pray to God rather than tell people about your problems. The devil knows that when we pray we can get everything that we need and that is why he always makes you weak in order not to pray. 

TEXT: Esther 3:1-3 Esther 4:16-17

Many people pray but do not live in obedience. The word 'protocol' is an official agreement on how things should be done. 

The evil protocol is the arrangement the devil has programmed and shaped towards our lives and the manner we are to execute them, but as long as you are prayerful and obedient to God’s word, you can’t turn out that way. The devil brings his protocol to some people’s lives through their lifestyle and their act of disobedience.

In the book of Esther, the position given to Hamman made him so proud that he expected everybody to worship and respect him. However, Mordechai wasn’t amongst those who lived up to his desire and that made him crave the desire of killing him.

God used Esther to change the history of her people when Hamman wanted to destroy them. When God raises you, He does that so you can become a channel through which others can be equally raised and brought to the umbrella of Christ. when we let pride overwhelm us, God will make us know that He is the owner of wealth and can do anything at will to favor whomever He chooses even if it means stripping you of every entitlement given to you.

 You do not need to have someone before you can be lifted, God can lift you without using people within your limited knowledge. When we pray, let us believe that God has answered our prayers.

Most times we do secret things that are good but we do not know that there are recorded and when the time is right, God will reward your secret deeds in the open. The king at that time remembered the one good thing that Mordechai did to save his life; as a result of that, he promoted him. While Hamman was unconsciously trying to eliminate Mordechai, the king was equally planning to promote Mordechai. 

When you don’t pray as a child of God, you become prey to your Enemies.

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