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Health Benefits Of Tomatoes, Why You Need Tomatoes In Your Diet

Photo of Tomatoes fruit

By Grace Oji

I bet everyone has had a taste of tomato in a portion of food they ate one time or another. We use it in different ways raw, cooked, or fried. The lycopene present is responsible for its bright red colour and acts as a covering from the sun's ultraviolet rays. 

Beyond its bright red colour, the tomato is a lot helpful to humanity in the following ways:

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1. Cancer Prevention

Tomato's lycopene is an antioxidant which effectively inhibits the growth of cancerous cells. This implies that much intake of tomatoes will prevent cancer.

2. Strengthens Your Bones

Because of the rich presence of vitamin K and calcium components in tomatoes, it also helps in strengthening the bones.

3. Helps digestion

Sufficient intake of water and fibre is required for easy digestion, these two can be found in tomatoes which makes them good for a free bowel movement in the case of constipation.

4. Improves Your Vision

Every day our eyes are exposed to harmful light from our phones and other devices. Eating tomatoes can help improve our vision and guard against eye defects caused by light.

5. Good For Your Heart

The presence of potassium and vitamin B in tomatoes helps reduce cholesterol levels, the arteries are widened and heart-related diseases are prevented in the long run. Tomatoes also build a defence against diabetes.

6. Good For Your Hair

Tomato also has vitamin A which keeps the human hair healthy, giving it lustre and strength.

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7. Tomatoes are good for your kidneys.

Studies have proven that adding tomatoes without seeds to your diet, reduces the risk of kidney stones. 

There are other numerous benefits of tomatoes to human health. 

Your dreams are beautiful and great. But, remember that you need to stay healthy to live your dreams.

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