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I Will Shoot You And Your Kids – Taxi Driver Threatens Tax Force Agent In Calabar

A taxi driver in Calabar has threatened to shoot a tax force agent or his kids. The taxi driver told the story by himself to the hearing of our correspondence while recounting the ordeal he faced over the weekend as a result of the Increase in the price of Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) from N510 to N617.

The taxi driver stated that he got so stranded at a fuel station at the Parliamentary extension axis in Calabar, where he stood in a long que waiting to get fuel for work.

He further revealed that after the long wait, he drove all the way from Parliamentary extension to the Marian market without picking up any passenger. But, stopped to buy water to drink and wash his face which according to him had frustration and stress written on it, when suddenly a tax force agent crossed over and tried to pull his key from his vehicle thereby impounding his vehicle for wrong parking.

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“After I had driven such a distance without picking up a passenger, I was so angry and frustrated, I stopped by the Marian market, bought water to wash off the stress and frustration written on my face. Only for tax force agent to jump on my car, pulled out my car key threatening to impound my vehicle. I was so angry, I wondered if he had no conscience and understanding of the stress in the country already. So, I promised him that if he took away my vehicle which is my only source of livelihood, then I will locate him and shoot him to dead or shoot his kids if I doesn’t meet him at home.” He said.

“The VIO agent around quickly asked him to return my car key” He added.

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The taxi driver said that he was shocked at himself and remorseful after he had threatened the tax force agent, adding that the current situation of hardship in Nigeria can make anyone fight any threat to his means of survival.

“I seriously know the implication of what I said, but the frustration and pain in the country can make anyone say such thing” he added.

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