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K!ss Or Grab? A Word For Content Creators

Written by Faith Charles

Content Creator: Hi beautiful! Can I have a minute of your time, please?😁

Precious: (Smiling and blushing), it’s okay.😬

Content Creator: Waaaoooow! You are so beautiful, Can you please do a 360 for the camera?🙏

Precious: (Smiling with lots of chuckles and turns to show what she got to the camera).

Content Creator: I’d like us to play a little game, are you in?🥱

Precious: (A bit nervous) Sure!🤔

Content Creator: Kiss or Grab? Yes! Kiss or Grab?😁

Precious: (Laughing so Hard) Okay, “GRAB”🤣🤣

Content Creator: (Ensures Precious’ backside faces the camera, while he GRABS her b*mb*m) (smiling)😁

Precious: (Acting Surprise, but enjoying every bit of it, while smiling……)🙄😁

Content Creator: Thanks for your time (Moves to the next vulnerable lady).🙏

This is the trend, but in my opinion, I feel it’s disrespectful to touch sensitive parts of a lady on the camera when you are not doing a pornographic movie.

It is an act of selfishness to go to any length in creating content even when it involves the reputation of others, because of the money and followers you stand to get. 

Many ladies out there do not have a reputation, do not care about reputation and are not answerable to anyone, these are reasons why they do not care about the possible repercussions of whatever they do on social media. 

If you have respect for yourself as a lady, you won’t let any content creator disrespect your body in the name of creating content. You won’t agree to a Kiss or Grab game on camera, and you won’t entertain despicable questions.

Even though there is a decline in the moral standard of our dispensation, we can still do better if we are intentional about making our wrongs right.

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