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Woman Calls For Her Husbands Arrest After She Was Beaten Up By Him

A 42-year-old Kenyan woman based in Busia county has called for the arrest of her husband who she accused of subjecting her to domestic abuses. Metrine Okumu said she suffered severe injuries to her face and chest after her husband assaulted her. Speaking to the media at Busia County and Referral Hospital, where she was admitted after the ordeal, Okumu revealed that her ordeal began after he went to a local bar to drink with another woman.


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She said after she visited the bar to request some money to buy food, the man and the unknown woman descended on her with blows, beating her to a pulp. She claimed that they also poured the alcohol they were drinking on her. The woman with a visibly swollen face said; “I went to ask him for money to buy food, and he was seated with another woman drinking alcohol. They poured the alcohol on me and then began to beat me.” Okumu, who confessed to having concealed such assault in the past to protect the husband, now wants her husband arrested to prevent a repeat of the same once she returns home.

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