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Light Gives You Speed; Dr Mrs Mercy Akeke Admonishes Gospel Film Makers In Cross River State

Dr Mrs Mercy Akeke

Dr Mrs Mercy Akeke has admonished gospel filmmakers in Cross River State to embrace and walk in the Light of God because it will distinguish them from others and give them divine speed.

Mercy Akeke revealed this during a one-day Drama Ministers Conference organised by the All Nigerian Conference of Evangelical Drama Ministers, ANCEDRAM held in Calabar on the 17th of March 2024.

Giving deep insight into the theme of the conference "In His Light", She spoke on the topic "In the light of God". Mrs Mercy Akeke further revealed that light is revealing and so God's light can reveal every secret thing to those who walk with him.

She also stressed that walking in the light of God will help the drama minister avoid destructive mistakes. Adding that Procrastination, Sin and Laziness are major setbacks to walking in the light of God.

Her teaching reads;

Topic: In The Light of God

Text: Gen. 1:3, John 1:4, 8:12

1. Light enables you to charge yourself.

2. Light is revealing: Shows you secret things you do not know.

3. The Light of God gives you revelational knowledge others do not have because in him (God) there is no secret.

4. The Light of God is contagious.

5. Light is Attractive. - When you walk in the light of God, you will avoid destructive mistakes"

6. Light is a source of energy.

7. Light Gives you speed.


Sin - Sin bars you from the light of God and limits you.

Procrastination: When God reveals a mystery to you, you must not procrastinate. you must act on the revelation received immediately either by writing it down or recording them.

Laziness - you must not allow laziness to set in, you must use what God has given into your hands. drama ministry is a great tool. What are you doing with it?"

Also, the Chairman of ANCREDRAM Cross State, Mr Oluchi Omai encouraged drama ministers in the state to be proactive and to leverage the technology available to advance the gospel through the production of short films and other live transforming content thereby detoxifying social media.

The Conference also featured command performances from theatres in the state and a goodwill message from the Eastern Regional Vice President, Evang. Eddie Orok.

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