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Three Children Sentenced to D£ath For Beating 13-Year-old Classmate to D£ath

Three children are facing the d£ath penalty in China for beating their 13-year-old classmate to d£ath in northern China’s Hebei province last month.

The three suspects, all aged under 14 at the time of the m¥rder, are accused of bullying their classmate, named only as Wang, over a long period before killing him

‘He was b€aten alive and his body was disfigured beyond recognition,’ Wang’s father wrote on Douyin, a Chinese social media platform. ‘I hope the government will be fair, open and just, punish them severely, and that the killers will pay with their lives.’

In the recorded moments before the 13-year-old boy’s death, surveillance cameras showed him sitting on a scooter, surrounded by three classmates on March 10. An hour later, his phone reportedly went dead, kicking off a search by relatives.

The following day, police made a sickening discovery: the boy’s body, buried underneath a tarp in an abandoned vegetable greenhouse.

Police in Feixiang district of Handan city identified the boy only by his last name, Wang.

In a statement on March 17, they said the boy had been k!lled on March 10 and that the suspects were detained the following day.

A police investigator told state broadcaster CCTV on March 18 that the crime had been premeditated, with the suspects digging out the pit twice, once the day before and again the day of the killing.

Wang’s relatives and their attorney said in interviews with Chinese media and posts on social media that the boy had long been a victim of bullying, and was forced to give money to one of his classmates before he was killed.

They said police identified the suspected killers after reviewing the surveillance footage and questioning the classmates.

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