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TEXT: 1 Peter 5:5, Colossians 3:14
There are two great mantles every Christian must desire to have. They are the mantle of humility and the mantle of Love.

James Don was a man who cried for anointing and the glory of God for a long time, but, never got it. One day in a trance he heard God speak to him in this manner, “Stop praying for my anointing and power, but pray rather to be like me. Let your character depict me.” When he got up from the trance, he changed his prayer topic. He prayed to be like God and so operated in the realm of God. 
What we need is not the gift of God, it is not the power of God nor his anointing. What we need is God himself. Do you know why men like Paul and Moses operated in glory? They were both humble men.
He (God) gives grace to the humble… James 4:6, Proverbs 18:12, Psalm 138:6. This grace distinguished Paul and Moses from other men of their time.
The highest rank in the kingdom is humility and not anointing. That was why Oral Robert and his kind lasted. Why must people know that you are the one handling the microphone? Pride is now high in the house of God. Humility will help you not to kill a brother or sister with your tongue.
Revival begins with purging; it begins with the fear of God. When God shows up, you will not pay for publicity, the world will publicize it.
Only God will help today’s church. The church of I can handle it, I know it all.

1. If you don’t connect where there is grace, you will be disgraced.
2. Pride will never allow you take correction.
3. Proud people only regard proud people, they never regard the humble.
4. The highest rank in the kingdom is humility.
5. Many people don’t fulfill their God-given ministry because they expect others to sponsor them.

Have you lost your first love? Have your love suddenly grow cold or are you still on fire? When last did you go for personal evangelism? You cannot begin a day with your cell phone, communicating with men without hearing from God and say you still love God. You must hear from God and pray every day.
You cannot also say you love God if you do not love his people. “People are the most expensive commodity on earth.” Division is too much in the church. The army of the lord shall be one and not divided.
John the beloved was a man who always leaned on the breast of Jesus Christ. He learned to love from Jesus. John changed from being a son of thunder to an apostle of love. Men who operate on love, people overlook them. 
God wants us to carry the ministry unto the least of the brethren. It takes love for you to take up a person who is dumped, rejected and scandalized.
When everyone turns against someone, may you not join them – love.
There are many great heroes out there; we have killed them with hatred. Show them love, it can restore them.

1. People are the most expensive commodity on earth.
2. We cannot succeed in division, selfishness and politicking in the church.
3. Men who operate on love, people overlook them.
4. You must love until you love you enemies.

My prayer for you is that you lay hold of these two great mantles and operate in the realm of God’s grace.

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