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TEXT: REV. 20:11-15, 21:1-5

No matter what you go through in life keep pressing forward in righteousness. John the apostle in the island of Patmos saw a great white throne, symbolizing holiness and a man sat on the throne before whose face the earth trembled. Books where brought and opened and every man was judged according to what was written in the books. God knows our daily activities and darkness cannot hide God’s divine camera monitoring every man’s movement and activities. Every man was judged according to their works.
A day is coming that no matter how a man dies he will be given up, water shall vomit those in it, and fire shall give up those consumed by it. The road shall also give up those it crushed. Every man, both old and young were judged according to their works.
The book of life was also opened, and whosoever his name was not found in it was cast into the lake of fire. Whosoever is whosoever, on that day title will lost it. No wonder Jesus said many on that day will say “Lord, did we not cast out demons in your name?” May that not be our portion in the name of Jesus.
Nothing is worth going to hell for, no boy or girl is worth going to hell for. Some are in church yet not ready for Jesus, the greatest miracle is not opening the blind eyes; as important as that is, it is not also the raising of the death but, it is becoming a true child of God.
On that day, the Goats and sheep will be separated, Jesus will only welcome good and faithful servants.
The day your soul leaves your body, it will be like a dream. “Am I dead?” will become your question, you will see your phone and cars but you can’t pick it. The certificate you sold your pride for you will see but cannot pick it, even your money you will not be able to pick. All are but temporarily and perishable achievements. Nothing is worth going to hell for!
Paul saw every achievement as not being comparable to knowing and living for Jesus Christ, that is why he cried “That I may know him”,  he went ahead to say “the thing I counted as gain before I count them as rubbish”  Gal. 2:2, 20-21.
John saw a new heaven and a new earth coming down, and God will wipe all tears from the eyes of his own, and there shall be no more death.
If your husband, parents or even siblings died in faith you will see and recognise them, if you make heaven. It will be a day the saints will be rejoicing. The earth will be divided into two; there shall be those like the rich man who died and found himself in hell, while Lazarus was carried to heaven. I rather die like Lazarus and be in heaven than to have everything and on the last day I wake up in hell. I rather wear one cloth than go after a boyfriend or go stealing, “a second in hell will cause you to forget all the pleasures on earth”, the rich man was begging just for a drop of water from the tip of Lazarus’s finger. Nothing, my brother and sister is worth going to hell for!
In Matthew 8:12, hell is a place for sinners, hell is a place of wailing (Matthew 13:42). When the saints shall be rejoicing, the sinners shall be crying “oh no had I known”
Look at your life now, if the trumpet sounds now, will you make heaven? If Jesus appears now what shall be your gain? There will be a major surprise in heaven and in hell, people you think will be heaven in will go to hell. That is because of what some of us do in the secret, we forget that God is watching us. And the major surprise in heaven is that those you have concluded for hell will be in heaven.
I pray for every one reading this today, anyone Satan is dragging to hell, may God give you the grace to escape from hell in the name of Jesus. Remember; nothing is worth going to hell for!

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