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ACTS 2:1 – 4 

The spirit will only give utterance while it is our duty to speak in tongues, that is the missing link and reason why many haven’t been able to speak in tongue even when they are filled. Many are filled but all they do is struggle.
When Jesus was here on earth, He promised us a comforter and a teacher to teach us all things. The essence of the Holy Spirit is to prepare us for God’s usage.
Every thing you find in the New Testament was pictured or talked about in the Old Testament. In the Old Testament, for God to use you, you must be anointed, you must be consecrated for God to use you, the reason is because when God uses you, God passes through you, so you are anointed, consecrated and raised to a temperature to accommodate God. So, anointing raises you to a temperature to accommodate God, to carry the glory of God. The glory of God is called Chabod and Chabod means weight.  So if you are not raised to the standard, when the weight of God comes on you, you will crash. You are raised to a level God can use you, that was in the Old Testament. Ichabod means the glory has departed. From this moment you will carry the weight of God! The anointing was to prepare man for God’s own use. Moses had the mandate to anoint everything God was to use, in preparation for God's use.

The anointing was made of; the anointing oil was mixed with myrrh, cinnamon, calamus, cassia and the olive oil. These speak of what the anointing does in your life.
Myrrh: Myrrh is a substance used for pharmaceutical purposes, it is of medicinal value. It is the healing content of the anointing, it is gum like, it steaks that is why the anointing of God is without repentance. Myrrh is used to kill pain. Myrrh is very bitter, so every anointing has its bitter side.  It bitter side is the envy, jealousy, which also imply that men will criticize you because carry the anointing. You cannot be anointed and yet sick, the anointing bring healing.
Calamus: The Calamus has a pervading effect like salt, so the anointing will help you break grounds and take territories. 
The Cinnamon: The Cinnamon is a sweetener, and brings the sweetness of the anointing
Cassia: The cassia is used fragrance, it has a sweet smell, in order words the anointing will announce you and you need not struggle. The anointing is a sweet fragrance on every man who it rest on.
The Olive Oil: The importance of the olive oil is not just the oil but the tree, the olive tree is resilience and can survive adverse conditions, likewise its present in the anointing makes you survive where no one thinks it possible to survive. The oil lubricates; meaning that oneness of heart should be the way of life of anointed people, there should be less frictions between anointed people. 
When this mixture is poured on a man hd is Anointed.
God insist that no one serves him without being anointed. The purpose of the anointing is to raise men to the temperature where they can carry God and not die (where God can pass through them and not kill them)

Uzziah died when the ark returned to Israel because the spirit of God came back to the ark and shook the ark. God did not kill Uzziah! He passed through him and because he wasn’t raised to the temperature to carry God he died.
When it was time for God to use Jesus, God insisted that he came to be baptised and being baptised, the Holy Ghost came upon Him. He didn't need cassia, calamus and all of those contents,the Bible recorded that he was was highly anointed beyond measure; and he was full of the Holy Ghost. Knowing this pattern he advised that we do no go empty but to wait in the upper room, so that we can be raised to the temperature to accommodate God. He promise a comforter and a teacher before he left the world and this comforter and teacher is the Holy Ghost.
The important thing in any man’s life is not just the anointing, but the glory you manifest after the anointing rest on you.
You need the Holy Spirit because God wants to use you without you being destroyed.

Why we need the Holy Ghost:
1. Teaches us all things and leads us to the truth.
2. When we speak in tongues, demons are confused; Jesus confused the spirit of death when he raised the son of the widow of Nain. In the Old Testament the hand writing on the wall “mene mene tekel urfasin” was not an earthly language that is why they needed a man to connect heaven for interpretation.  
3. Without the Holy Spirit, Christianity will be a struggle. Speaking in tongues is the language of the Christian and should be spoken always. God restored the unity in language among believers when he poured out the spirit on the day of Pentecost; he gave them the ability to speak in tongues.

The Holy Spirit is here already and not coming from heaven. We receive him by faith. It’s not all about shaking, you only speak as the spirit gives you utterance. 
The inability to speak in tongues doesn’t mean that you are not a Christian; the Holy Spirit is to equip you for service. “Being filled in the Holy Spirit is God’s endorsement for service” hence, the need for the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is an enabler, he will enable you not to do things wrong.
The Holy Spirit does not speak in tongues, he will use the human tongue. May the Holy Spirit Posses you as you make yourself available in Jesus name… Amen.

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