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Work With Joy By Grace Oji


Artwork by Grace Oji

Work with joy when the sun is up
A sweetened heart as you reach the top
With the movement of toil and steady steps
Be glad amidst for you're not dead.

Work with peace when morn has come
Rising from rest, in your lips a hum
Of songs of strength in Him who formed
And gives you breath to still live on.

Work with love warms the heart
Though in the midst of hateful darts
Shot at you to strike to the ground 
Love will be a defence secured around.

Work with strength in the burning day
Not weak, not weary by the evil that sways
And tries to eat up men's toil and sweat
Be encouraged your harvest is coming yet.

Work with God in this fleeting breath
In Him is all we need on earth
Rest in Him where you're most secured
Trust in Him, He gave the best, assured.

By: Grace Oji
Pen's Golden Point Writing

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