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Reaching your Glorious Destiny demands that you understand that LONELY DAYS are inevitable, rejections and days when you hunger for care but will never find it, solace from friends but will be stranded, encouragement from parents and religious leaders but it will seem so far away from your reach... Surrounded by many yet so lonely in your pursuit. Then like a maid traveling through a lonely path at night you will seek companions, but will never find them. 

At this point so many have given up on their dreams, purpose and pursuit in life. 
No man will understand your dreams and visions until you bring them successfully to reality. 

What keeps you through the lonely and desolate road, where no one cares is nothing but you IGNITED PASSION for actualising your dreams and purpose and the source of your dreams... GOD.

The road to success seems lonely and only surrounded by ambitious people who have little or no time for frivolity. Yet, there be many who will never support, love or encourage you through it, but will only wait for you and identify with you when you have hit your goal - SUCCESS. 

Don't forget every Athlet runs alone, yet celebrated by many, every wrestler wrestles alone, yet celebrated by many. 
What you need to go through the life's journey is not company, but an IGNITED PASSION. 

It simply blinds your eyes from the irrelevant things and sets your mind on the relevant ones. When fire burns it's purpose is to consume... When you passion is Ignited, its purpose is to bring relevance. 

Company, support, care, love and all what not searches for a man of relevance and not the other way round. Because when you are relevant in life, even fellow human endeavor to preserve your life, because they are not willing to loose what you carry.
Don't search just for company, desire to be relevant, walk that lonely road, IGNITE YOUR PASSION and let it brighten up your dark path. Your Ignited passion is like a tractor, it paves a way for you.
It's like an energizer, it keeps you going even when others have given up.

Your destiny is glorious, your tomorrow of great relevance, but siting back waiting for people will get you no where. Discover what God has deposited in you, get it Ignited and burn without seizing... Only then will men gather around you.

Finally, John Wesley said "Light yourself on fire with passion and people will come from miles to watch you burn"


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