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If The Lord Had Not Been On Your Side – Rev. John Ololo

Rev. John Ololo, Asst. Pastor Assemblies of God 91 Nelson Mandela Road, Calabar.

The Journey to the end of this year has been a turbulent one, but God did stand by us.

Some of you people rose up against you without your knowledge, you ate with them, smiled with them and even helped them yet they planned evil against them. Yet in all of these if it was not God who was on your side, the pit they dug for you would have swallowed you.

Text: Psalm 124:1-2

That God who did not leave you alone but stood by you even when you never knew in your ignorance that you were dinning with your enemies he intervened and gave you victory. If not the Lord who was on your side then they would have swallowed you up.

Some of you they planned to demote you, they jealoused your position but thank God who was on your side. Some of you went through the waters but God never allowed it to overflow you, you went through fire but it did not consume you. In the midst of them all God kept you.

In Isaiah 59:19, Scripture says that when the enemy shall come against you like a flood, the Lord raised a standard against them. The enemy released sicknesses of different types But God saved you.

Saul was a skilled warrior but when it came to the case of David he missed his skills because God was interested in David. Some of you arrows where aimed at you but God showed up for you, they wanted to scatter your marriage but God showed up for you. So shall they continue to fail. They planned accident but God frustrated them, they released the spirit of Madness but God gave you victory. They told you to take away your life, they suggested suicide but God thwarted them.

They wanted you to be naked but God clothed you, they planned shame but God turned the table around for your Good.

As they failed in your life so shall they continue to fail even in 2021, all the days of your life the wickedness of the wicked will fail. They cannot succeed over your life and family in Jesus Name.


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