Get Ready For The Rapture - Rev Dr. G. G. Uche

What do you think is the worst thing that can happen to you as a person that claims to know God? The worst thing that can happen to you as a Christian, is to be left behind when the trumpet sounds.

TEXT: Matthew 24:36-42, John 14:1, Hebrews; 11

God’s plan right from creation, has been that man should dwell at his presence to fellowship with them. Even before now, when God always fellowshipped with man, (Adam and eve) and they disobeyed, the heart of God was broken. Rapture means taken away suddenly. Without prior notice or without pre-information. Enoch in the bible was taken suddenly, after 65 years of walking without knowing God. On his 66th birthday, he gave his life to God and walked with God for 300 years. Then God took him away.

As a human being, whose purpose are you serving? 2 kings 2:11, Heb 11:5

Elijah, was another person that was raptured by God, he walked with God faithfully and God took him away without him tasting death. 

Acts 8:39 Philip was another person that was taken.

It is better not to go to church at all, than to go to church, know the truth and still pretend, because, many sinners will change at the dying minutes.

Every single time, we should be conscious of the coming of Christ.

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