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MISSIONS: The wonder of grace and glory - Rev. Omai C. S.

Rev. Omai C. S

Text: 1 Timothy 1:12-17

Things that used to be wonders to men seem not to wonder again because of science. Yet some things baffle man and that is God's grace that transforms mortal man. God is a sun no one can step into the sun but when God radiates his glory robs on us. Glory is the manifestation of God when he shines like a sun. Both grace and glory remain a wonder to man. Grace is the garment God puts on when he relates with man. 

Grace is that bridge that connects God who is so holy to an impure man, here it is God seeking man, not man seeking God. (John 1:14) 

This grace, humans cannot understand. Grace makes God take upon himself to seek and find lost souls (sinner) Ephesians. 2:8. Today someone who was once lost can boldly walk into his presence to relate with him.

Grace is God at work in me, changing me from the old person to a new per. Grace is always working in us. He doesn't stop us halfway. Men may conclude on us but grace can never leave a man until he transforms him to eternity. Don't let life challenges conclude on you.

Glory is what we daily become by reason of God's ongoing work of grace in our life. Nobody should meet you at the same place after you meet God's grace. 

Grace positions and enable a man to receive from God kisses of mercy. Like the prodigal son who wandered away when he was located by mercy in Luke 15:20, he was still thinking his father won't accept but he ran embraced and kisses him. Grace qualifies a man to receive kisses from God. No matter how ugly your life God can change you.

Whenever God shows up with his grace glory follows, you can't enjoy his glory without his Grace they are both inseparable. No matter the challenges of life you are already positionally glorified by God. If you need God's Glory but have not embraced his grace, God is pleading with you today.  Whenever God wants to meet a man, grace is the vehicle of grace that moves him. When God's mercy locates a man he floods you with grace and turns your life around for good. So many were blasphemers and are in the church still blaspheming. God can not meet a man and leave him the same way. There must be you before and you today, what is your testimony? Our life can and should showcase Christ. 

This grace also leaves on us a mandate that must become a pattern for others to follow. Others should see Christ through us. This is the challenge of the mission. May our life lead others to God.

Grace remains a wonder to man because no one knows how God changes mortal men to gods

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