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DEPRESSION: How I Dealt With It


Photo of man in despair

By Grace Oji

Despair, How I Dealt With It 

As people living on Earth, we've each had our fair share of despair from personal experience or that of a loved one or someone we simply knew. With the world evolving every day we are left to face towering challenges which seem to mostly confront our ability to keep striving and pressing on to achieve our goals.

As you're reading this now you've probably been hit with despair one way or another and you're seeking help out of it. So I'm going to walk you through my own life's story on how I overcame despair when it weighed heavily on me in these five ways.

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The Bible Promises:

One time I asked myself what the purpose of my life was being that I was made to feel different from others because of my quiet personality and some of the things I did differently. It was to the point I believed it and tried to be 'normal'. But these only served to make me look more different as I attempted things that were not concurrent with my nature. It made me feel worse like my life was handicapped and I couldn't change it, obviously, I sank into despair as I had no way to make my life 'better', I desperately needed a way out when I turned back to the one who made me.

I came upon Psalms 139:14  

"I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well." 

This verse is very significant and it gave me no little strength in my spirit. I read it, thought on it, and wrote it in my little jotter. This is the truth about me and I held on to it like a falling man would take a hand of help with a firm grip.

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Open Up To God In Prayer

In my walk with God, I realized He desires a Father-child relationship with us which is why 'Pray for me' is not always the right thing to say especially when it comes to the mindset that only a select few have the gift of prayer. Prayer is simply talking to God, it builds your relationship with Him. And people must always remember that no one can truly express how they feel and what they go through except themselves.

This understanding brought me to open up my deepest heart before God, it wasn't like going before men of prominence in a society where your troubles are masked up in good clothes, composure, and speech, but this was a child resting in the Father's arms where no one can reach to snatch me out. It was a place of rest and sweet communion and is still is till today.

Confide In A Trustworthy Friend

The feeling of no hope is like a weight hanging from a chain that's tied around your neck, it keeps drawing you down closer to the bottom of the ocean. Here you find your power insufficient to pull against its weight and in need of another strength to boost yours. I found more light confiding in people whom I could trust to welcome and respect me, who gave me listening ears and understanding hearts. God places such people in our lives for such times as this.

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Holding On To Those Who Loved Me

There's something about life I've noticed which is that no matter how crooked we are there are those who still love and care for us. Being in constant company with them reminds you that you can love and be loved. Despair is known to have a dark habit of seclusion where your mind is made to believe you are not to be desired if followed you'll find yourself shying away from healthy relationships you should have built. Holding on to your loved ones lits up your life and your mind with healthy mindsets.

Photo of a man in the middle of the sea

Observing The Wonders Of Nature

I do love nature, watching the clouds and feeling the breeze has been part of me for years.

Everyday plants grow and trees keep bearing fruits from year to year, the old skin of animals is shed off to become new and the streams are always flowing, keeping the fishes alive and swimming. With keen observation, you'll find life in every corner of nature and it'll teach you that though there's death there's also rebirth and reproduction. It's safe to say we are part of nature, when we get cuts they heal, our bodily system is built to renew itself and let go of waste.

These principles aren't absent in our daily walk, like all of nature, by God we are able to be renewed and receive life in every dying spot in our lives. Where life is hope is never absent.

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