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"AYADECARE: General Hospital Calabar Gets Many Ayadecare Referral Case From Primary health centres as SHIA Accredits more PHCs to serve over 60,000 registered."

Ayade is making History, Health insurance will prevent catastrophic health expenditure, and deliver universal health coverage- Dr Betta Edu

The Cross River State Health Insurance Scheme also known as Ayadecare which has been ongoing for a couple of Months now have continued to live up to expectations by meeting the needs of cross riverians who have registered under the scheme as they have been accessing medical care without any form of out of pocket expenses.

Like it was earlier said, any medical case that seems to be beyond the services of the Primary Health Care will immediately be referred to the Secondary facility and that is been witnessed as one of the accredited centers PHC Big Quo did their first referral of one Mrs Veronica Emmanuel James who had a high blood sugar level resulting to Diabetes. When it became difficult to manage her situation, PHC Big Quo immediately referred her to General Hospital Calabar for further health care services. PHC Mayne Avenue and others around Calabar metropolis that have been activated are also sending referrals 

Speaking after she was discharged, Mrs Veronica thanked the State Governor Sen. Prof Ben Ayade for introducing the scheme and keeping to his words. She commended the Health Commissioner Dr Betta Edu for working round the clock to ensure that cross riverians gets the best of health services. "I was hearing but today I have witnessed it and I now believe that what the government of Sen. Ben Ayade has been saying about the Ayadecare is true, I had diabetes and when I went for treatment in Big Quo PHC the nurse said am not looking okey and so she immediately referred me to General Hospital where I was treated for free. I know how much I would have spent if I wasn't registered under Ayadecare.

She called on Cross Riverians to enrol in the scheme so they too can enjoy the free medical services that come with it. She vowed to make sure that her neighbour who has not been feeling too well gets enrolled as she's willing to even stay with him in the hospital while accessing care.

The Health Commissioner Dr Betta Edu has reassured cross riverians through the Special Adviser to the Governor on Health Dr. David Ushie who now doubles as the AYADECARE Project Manager that the scheme will only get better as they should expect nothing less from what has already been promised them. "Our desire is to continue to raise the standard of the Health Insurance Scheme. The Health Commissioner Dr. Betta Edu is working assiduously to make sure we improve on our services and continue to deliver the very best of health care services to our people, she has visited the various facilities accredited for Ayade Care over ten times to confirm the quality of care. so whoever hasn't registered under the scheme is truly missing a lot as the train is already moving."

Why pay 150,000 Naira for a CS you could have accessed with one thousand Naira a month! Where manage Hypertension with 50,000 a month, while you could have done for 1k a month!

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