Christian Ladies And The God Given Marriage

By Miracle Ifeanyi

Carefully read and digest

Are you sure you're in love?

Many ladies mistake feelings and attraction for love.

If you are in love, you won't be careless, deceived and you will not backslide.

Before you would say "Yes I Do" to any man, meditate on the points below. 

1. Is God truly giving me to this man or am I giving myself to him?

Don't think every woman married the man God gave to them. You can give yourself to a man through sexual bonding, greed, lust etc.

If you give yourself to a man, then be ready to pay your bills. 

2. Can I fulfil my destiny with this Man?

It is a great mistake to marry a man you can't fulfil destiny with.

What then is the benefit of being married to a man who can't help your destiny?

Most women got married to a handsome guy who eventually became trouble in their lives.

Marriage is boring and barren when you cannot fulfil God's purpose for your life.

3. Don't marry a man in whom you are seeing your father's mistakes, errors and ignorance:

You desire to be an upgrade of your parents, why will you settle with a man you are seeing your father's misbehaviour and wrongdoings?

Relax and think

4. Only say YES to a man that can lead, guide, mentor and instruct You:

There is more to marriage than pet names. When you join to a man who cannot show you the way then you may waste by the way.

Your advantage is to marry a man who can show you the way and help you succeed.

Marry a leader and not a sex dealer. 

5. Don't vouch For any Man:

How can you be beating your chest for a man you're not married to and do not know?

Do you know how he handles his erection?

How does he treat every other woman in his life?

Your confidence is what God told you about him and your future with him. 

Sugar-coated words can fade.

"I love you" can turn to "I regret marrying you". Be Wise.

6. Dear daughter, Good men are scarce.

Marriageable men are scarce.

I mean the man you can trust with your destiny and stay as his wife is scarce.

Don't be deceived by tush English, 6 packs, beard gangs, etc.

You can only trust a man who is under divine dealings of God.

7. Guide your heart:

What do you want to hear from men that's making you give attention to Mr deceiver, Mr psycho, Mr lazy, Mr weekend sex etc.

Guide your heart dear daughter.

The chat you're having online with men may put you in trouble!

8. Protect your nakedness:

You are sending your nude pictures to men online. Be careful! You are doing a video with your underwear, be warned!

In the next 20 years, you may be paying a huge amount to protect the nakedness you are careless with today.

9. Know God before you would know the man you want to marry:

The danger of not knowing God for yourself is that you may enter a vehicle that will take you far away from your destination.

Spend your spinsterhood to seek God and find him.

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