2023: Igbo Presidency And The Way Forward

Photo of Igbo Elders

By Iyke Mba

From being touted as political naive to an unfolding political Maradonaism at all angles, Igbo politicians are impressing me lately, there is a gentlemanly agreement and tandem to it, everything is working in unison.

There is no guarantee that we would win however there is a mutual understanding that the Igbo presidency is an Igbo nationwide project and not individualistic, since we had not had a shot at the presidency since the return of democracy it makes sense to start the Igbo presidency project with Vice and then when the Senate and Rep converge by 2023 we would still try our hands-on other position in the Senate.

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Politics is not about emotions, the game plan is working so far, they said that we did not vote for APC, we may have the smallest delegates from South East but we are giving a block vote, Abia and Imo are already in the bag for the consensus Igbo candidate which may be the current Senate President from North East whom we feel a sense of deprivation with.

Like Kalu had said earlier, the current political dispensation of the Igbos in APC does not give us an advantage on the APC primary especially when other South States had frustrated the Zoning of APC ticket to the South now that it may be thrown open it is only fair to consider North East.

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At first, people thought that the Igbos were insignificant in APC, however same Igbos may force the APC to jettison zoning, the same way we realised by our calculations that enforcing Zoning on PDP would be detrimental to our goals.

The reality is unpredictable for now but I sense that even if we shall loose, it would be a most honourable loss, we are united in the Project, I'm Igbo, I'm Nigerian, I have gotten my PVC what about You. Like what Odumegwu Ojukwu once said it is more about command and control, even Biafrans need to join in the project of Igbo presidency because if such Igbo sense that Referendum would bring a lasting peace he would look into it.

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Let's start with the project for vice president rather than an outright shot at the presidency. It would give us likely 16 years at the presidency keeping us at par with some other nationalities.

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