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Party Interest Supersedes


Sen. Gershom Bassey

By Victor Bisong

Accommodating the interest of everyone is the most impossible thing to do in organisations hence the reason concessions are made. These concessions are unifying and aimed at a greater goal that averagely benefits everyone. The aphorism, 'Party Interest Supersedes' engenders a consciousness to accept decisions that further the cause of the party. The party system is not an arbitrary construct but a properly systemized organisation which must maintain hegemony to regulate competing interests along the lines of fairness and equity!

In the light of the forthcoming elections, the interest of the PDP is winning the elections and nothing less. To this extent, toes would be trampled on, bruises would be gotten, tongues would be tamed and it's justified as far as it preserves the goal of the party. The opportunities before the PDP in Cross River State, as opposition are enormous but also illusionary like mirages if not properly harnessed. Firstly, the abysmal kind of governance our state is witnessing in the hands of the ruling APC has provoked the sentiments of an average Cross Riverian to vote for the PDP but this isn't going to come on a platter of gold and negligence. 

The principle and justification of zoning can not be made by political party aristocrats at the exclusion of popular sentiments of the proletariat because of the ability of other parties to utilise this as a loophole. While the PDP has been battling the discussion on zoning, the ruling APC has concluded, even with some internal frustrations, it's still highly predicted that the Southern Senatorial District would cling to the party ticket had of the Gubernatorial election in 2023. This action of the ruling APC places a severe burden on the PDP to make possible calculations that could contend with these same sentiments of the masses. 

From the foregoing, it is just natural to support the Southern Senatorial District to get the ticket to contest because anything less would only be suggestive that personal interests have won the battle regardless of the negative implications it has on the party's chances at the general polls. Let's assume we never considered this zoning issue before now but the realities before us could only imply that our best option as a Party is the 'Back to South' narrative. This is not in anything way undermining the capacity of others but the permutations work better with a Southern ticket for the PDP. 

Sen. Gershom Bassey has maintained his place as the leading aspirant from across the state and the numbers favour him against the APC and in the interest of the PDP. His popularity, knowledge of the State and winning antecedent against the prospective APC standard-bearer is enough indication that with him, the party is on a cruise to victory. We can't deny that, amongst other aspirants of PDP from the Southern Senatorial District, he remains the most outstanding and by extension, the most capable.

The worst argument one can get is that of merit and qualifications. The qualifications of these aspirants are terrific and we can only speak in the light of who has more capacity to win the election for the party and in the overall interest of Cross River State. They all merit being the Governor of Cross River State. We all must accept we are biased along with friendship, benefits, interests and sundry and should not push a case for who's better but who's more capable to cling the seat for the party because Party interest supersedes.

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