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Re: Hon. Daniel Asuquo's Gubernatorial Journey; The Intrigues And The Betrayal

Hon. Daniel Asuquo

The attack on the person of Sen. Gershom Bassey and his DG, Barr. Ekpo Ada,  by a faceless Hogan Offiong, is an outright display of mischief and calumny geared towards misleading unsuspecting Cross Riverians. Initially, I didn't want to give it prominence by issuing a rejoinder but for truth, which Cross Riverians need, I have no choice.

Offiong talked about micro zoning the Peregrino seat to Akamkpa/Biase Federal Constituency as though, the Biase people aren't marginalised further in the same Federal Constituency they share with Akamkpa. Anyway, we won't talk about zoning here because the outcome of the primaries has buried that discussion, however, I must state clearly that, Sen. Gershom has always supported the marginalised. He displayed this when he supported, wholeheartedly, the emergence of the incumbent Governor of Cross River State, Sen. Prof. Ben Ayade. 

Offiong also alluded to the just concluded primaries and portrayed Sen. Gershom as betraying the principles of fairness and respect to agreements. Firstly, it's unbecoming to assume he popularised Distinguished Sen. Gershom Bassey. One would ordinarily think Hon. Dansuki controls our Federal Constituency but the result of the 2019 elections proves that his influence isn't as he assures. His opponent from the APC in the election, Mkpanang Obo Bassey, who didn't even engage in a massive campaign scored 18,836 while himself, Dansuki scored 28,871, meanwhile. Sen. Gershom won his closest opponent, Sen. Prince Otu, with over 32,000 votes difference. Hon. Dansuki should not think the records are not there and continue to bask in self-deception and overrated self-importance. 

This can't be anything short of an over-bloated self-impression. But for H.E, Sen. Liyel and Sen. Gershom who brought back Hon. Daniel Asuquo into relevance after his unsolicited battle with H.E Donald Duke, this self-acclaimed superiority wouldn't surface but all that is history. Dansuki was heavily funded by Sen. Gershom in his elections and should rather be appreciative than entitled. Moreover, what's wrong with a leader delegating responsibilities to juniors as in the case of Sen. Gershom and Hon. Dansuki. Due to this same arrogance of Hon. Dansuki, fell out with party bigwigs in Akamkpa/Biase and even his immediate Members, the House of Assembly. 

Also, Sen. Gershom Bassey isn't a stranger to the Akamkpa/Biase subregion of the South as the writer also alluded in total ignorance, as the Senator's maternity is traced to the Biase and Ejagham extraction, which offers him rights to lay claims to certain privileges. Gershom has also represented the interest of the Akamkpa/Biase people and would continue bro do that. 

In his quest to drag the credentials of Barr. Ekpo Ada to the mud, he says, has questionable credentials in terms of human relationships. Ekpo Ada has had the opportunity to serve in different capacities both at the state and national, for the party and country and this doesn't come easily. These offices he held reflect the goodwill he has received from well-meaning Nigerians from his humble and altruistic personality. As DG to Sen. Gershom, he has successfully done so much to bring succour and closure to the people whom he represents. Unfortunately, I have to recount the many achievements of Sen. Gershom in other to silence this piper. 

I am fully aware that he's been bankrolled to make this post but it has met its waterloo because of the obvious nature of the achievements of Sen. Gershom Bassey. PDP primaries are over and I would not give in to any attempt by attention seekers to drag Sen. Gershom Bassey and his DG to the mud

Ntufam Frank Ntui

PDP Akamkpa

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