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Power By Rev. Evang. Ephraim Effiong

Rev. Evang. Ephraim Effiong

Ephesians 6:10 – 12, 2 Corinthians 10:4-5
Another name for power is miracle for evangelism. Without manifestation your existence on earth is a regret. Power is the only thing that can keep you. Power keep you from sin, slavery, death, demonic operation, etc. without power there is no light. 

If you don’t look for power and possess it, don’t go for evangelism, less you carry back demons, anything can happen. If you must go for evangelism you need to be empowered by the Holy Spirit, no one should force you to go for evangelism. Jesus asked his disciples not to go out until they are filled with power from on high. Imagine what would have befallen Moses when he turned his staff in Egypt into snake if God’s power was not with him. If his rod had failed, Jesus would not have come because Israel would have perished in Egypt. When you do not put on the whole amour of God, your life remain at risk. The world is a fight, if you refuse to fight the devil engages you in a fight by force that is why you need power to win the battle of life. Every young man who fail to lock up himself one or two hours in prayer is already a defeated fellow. Students are marching to the psychiatric every day because there is no power. If you fail to fast at least 24hours in 30 days, you are a defeated fellow already.

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Cloth competition is useless, clothing is not important, power is what we need. 

Prayerlessness is riskier than being involved in a car accident with broken limbs. Beautifying and painting your house does not make it so in the spiritual realm. Power can keep you focused in life.

Any man who teaches that you should not look for the Holy Ghost in this present age, hates you and has deprived you a lot. Without power you will struggle for long, what our generation needs is power. Power to open prison gate, to be unique, to shine, to excel, power to overcome family yoke and environmental wickedness. Power differentiates a minister from a minister, we need power to pray. Without power you are a fool in the hands of the enemy, they rubbish you at will. Scripture says you can’t enter a strong man’s house until you first bind him. Lack of power have limited many young people, you are afraid of being criticized because you carry power, criticism is sure. Go for the power of God!

Power exist in every family and environment before you were even born so you need power. Your life tomorrow is more relevant that whatever you are today. A man of God who does not carry the power of God gradually complains and divert to politics. 

Putting on the whole amour means complete amour, there is no faint heartedness in a man with power. The enemy feeds you in the dream, sleeps with you. The Power of the Holy Spirit is more important than academic power.

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In Ephesians 6:10 – 11; the wiles means deadly things you can’t withstand without the power of God.

Without power you cannot evangelize because the world is full of power and you need power to preach to the dying soul. You must put on the whole amour because they are many destinies tied to you and when you fail, they fail and that is what the enemy is out for. Ignorance is the key to uselessness and backwardness and demotion. (2 Corinthians 10:4-5).

Power makes it easy to evangelize dreams and vision, and propel great men from obscurity to lamplight. Go with this power and evangelize your world.

Play and die, pray and get manifested!

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