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DESPERATE SISTERS: Allow That Brother To Find You

Photo of lovers

By Miracle Ifeanyi

It has become a tradition, for sisters to propose to brothers. And brothers are now the ones going to pray for confirmation. 

I beg you sisters. DON'T!

The word of God has not changed to

"Whoever finds a husband..."

It remains; "He who finds a wife finds a good thing, and obtains favour from the LORD. "Proverbs 18:22"

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The men must go look for sisters. 

Let him find you! 

But stay findable! 

Despite plenty of bad marriages and a scarcity of good brothers and sisters. 

If you serve God faithfully, God will preserve your own man and woman.

Don't join this desperate generation of sisters.

They are the same ones who won't be able to stay in this same marriage for just one year. 

The same desperation will take them out of marriage. 

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This is why the divorce rate is increasing daily. 

We have turned everything upside down.

God's way can't change. 

His reasons for marriage can't change whether we love it or not.

Brothers! Anyone that comes to you in the name of a "godly sister" to propose marriage to you is desperate.

Don't say Yes! 

Don't see it as an opportunity. 

A lady once said how she proposed to a brother and he agreed and they started the relationship, the brother didn't know it was out of her father's threats that she opted for him. Just to please her dad. 

She was just using him, she had no plan to settle down with him. She confesses that she didn't love him at all.

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The end time is here. Cheating will increase.  Ungodliness will multiply. 

Why don't you stand out as a child of God?

It is no longer shameful for a Lady to ask a guy out. 

It was not the order in the world before, but right now, it has gained ground and eaten deep into the church of God.

somebody said the word of God exposed to us that in the end times, there shall be more females than males. That prophecy is coming to pass because already, more female children are being born and few male children. 

She went further to say that the solution is that, men should start marrying more wives. 

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This is unscriptural! 

Have you wondered why this must happen?

It will be one of the punishments for disobedience to God. 

Therefore, it is not your portion as a true believer.

Don't ever believe you won't get a man!

God will always preserve good gifts for his people.

Say No to desperation!!

It won't give you the best! 

It doesn't always end well. 

Stay findable and let him woo you. 

Stop wooing a brother.

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